Rainbow Party

Today we are honoured to be showcasing a party by my incredibly talented friend, Aimee, who created a wonderfully colourful Rainbow Party for her son’s birthday.  Take a look at these glorious jelly cups – I just adore vibrant colours, the multicoloured sprinkle rims and the super cute paper umbrellas.

And what party could be complete without cake and lots of it!  Check out these psychedelic cupcakes that Aimee made.  Not only is the cake multi-hued but frosting  is as well!  Genius.  And Aimee has decorated the edges of the cupcake stand so that it is co-ordinated with the colourful theme.

And last but definitely not least, I want to show you these layered marshmallows that she made.  They are yet another super-creative way to incorporate the theme of the party.  And who could resist such a fun treat!

As Aimee says “I don’t want to see food colour again for a LONG time”.  That might be the case Aimee, but thanks for sharing all your hard work and your beautiful party with us!

Now quite separately from Aimee, I had put together some rainbow party ideas on Pinterest.  I don’t think she knew that I was working on this and I didn’t know she was working on her party!  Clearly great minds think alike.  If you would like some other rainbow ideas, do check out my Rainbow Party board.

Images via Aimee Jefferson.


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