Yellow Rose Cake

I had a busy weekend, baking and icing and decorating!  One of the items out of the ovens this weekend was a pretty birthday cake.  Doesn’t it look cheerful and happy?  The birthday girl had seen the white rose cake from our website and her sweet fiancée made a mental note to get it for her, with some personalising tweaks.  And as you know, creating bespoke items is our favourite thing to do!

Instead of the pure white rose cake, he asked for a “baby chick” yellow and we were very happy to oblige.  And he also has some great ideas for the interior of the cake. Wanting to add a “crunchy” texture to the cake, he requested a layered praline filling.  I loved the idea and was intrigued by the concept, so spent some time doing some test fillings (okay and some test eatings too).  In addition we knew the birthday girl didn’t like frostings that were too fluffy or airy, so I presented him with some options and he chose a rich creamy frosting instead.

The resulting cake was a four layer chocolaty devils’ food cake filled with a dark chocolate granache.  The chocolate granache contained shards of home-made pecan praline which added a lovely nutty caramel flavour and plenty of crunch.  And this was all topped off with a soft yellow cream-cheese frosting.  The whole creation was decadent and sinfully rich.

The pale yellow cake looks so pretty that I totally want to do a deep red one now!  Wouldn’t that be romantic?  A cake covered with crimson roses.

And now this praline filling is my new favourite tweak – I’m putting it in everything!  Just made another cake today, a light vanilla cake filled with super light and fluffy meringue buttercream and studded with praline shards.

For more of our cakes, do check out Enjoy! Bespoke Cakes.

Images via Enjoy! Bespoke Cakes.


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