Musical Cupcakes

Another set of cakes I made this weekend were these musical cupcakes.  Created for a musical salon in a private home, the cupcakes feature music notations: notes, treble and bass clefs, sharps and flats.  They were the perfect accompaniment to a wonderful evening of piano playing in true chamber music style.

The cakes themselves were a moist and fluffy vanilla butter cake, topped with a vanilla cream-cheese frosting.  Simple but tasty!

These cupcakes would be prefect for a musical party or evening.  Or perhaps you know someone who has just passed their piano or instrumental music exams?  Wouldn’t it be nice to give them a little treat for all the hard work they’ve put in?

Incidentally if you are in Hong Kong, there is a wonderful organisation, Premiere Performances (PPHK), that brings simply world class chamber music concerts and solo recitals to the city.  PPHK has really transformed the classical music scene here in Hong Kong in just five short years, making very high quality chamber music easily available and accessible.  PPHK currently runs a recital series (going on now) as well as a chamber music festival (mark your calendars for January 2013).  Check out PPHK’s website for more details and booking information.  I highly recommend their concerts!

For more of our cake creations, check out Enjoy! Bespoke Cakes.


Images via Enjoy! Bespoke Cakes.


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