Red Ombre Heart Cake

So I made this cake a little while ago but didn’t have time to blog about it as yet.  Inspired by the current trend for all things ombre (graduated colour), I decided to create a clean, modern cake with a sweet surprise.

The exterior of the cake is pure alabaster white with a striking scarlet heart on the front.  So far so normal, but once you cut into the cake, a lovely surprise energes.  Just take a look at those glorious layers:

I especially love the red and white colour combo and the graduation from pale pink to deep crimson.  The colour contrast is so striking and effective.

We can of course do this cake in a variety of different colours, say green or blue or even as a rainbow!

This cake would be perfect for Valentine’s Day or perhaps an engagement party. Or maybe just to say “I love you”!

For more of our cake creations, check out Enjoy! Bespoke Cakes.



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