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Butterfly Cake

Last weekend we created a cake for a special Sweet Sixteen birthday. Such a milestone birthday definitely deserves a spectacular cake to mark the occasion. The birthday girl picked one of our favourites cakes ever – our Rainbow Butterfly Cake!  I truly loved making this cake, it’s just such a pretty and happy cake and never fails to bring a smile to my face.

The cake is a riot of colour with hues from the whole rainbow spectrum!  The butterflies are just so pretty with their delicate wings caught in mid-flutter as they rest on the cake.  The whole cake is edible as the butterflies are made of vanilla flavoured rice-paper.

One bonus of having a two-tier cake is not only does it provide extra drama and height (and of course more yummy cake!), you can pick multiple flavours too!  This particular cake had  a bottom tier of red velvet cake with tangy lemon buttercream and a top tier of vanilla cake with with strawberry buttercream.

Here are a couple more pics of the cake.  Enjoy!

Images via Enjoy! Bespoke Events.


Bridal Oreo Pops

Last week I also made these vanilla oreo pops.  Inspired by bridal design, these have a monochrome palette and sweet simple designs.  My favourites are the triple hearts and the ones with bridal “buttons” in a row.  I absolutely adore the row of buttons that run down the back of some bridal gowns and I wanted to capture that in oreo pop form!

These oreo pops are definitely moreish.  What’s not to love about an oreo covered in creamy white chocolate?

These would be perfect for a bridal shower or wedding!

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Images via Enjoy! Bespoke Events.

Bridal Cupcakes

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to create some bridal inspired cupcakes for Hong Kong based designer Vivian Luk.  Vivian designs some truly gorgeous bridal and evening dresses, check out her dreamy creations here.  Plus she previously worked in New York with the queen of bridal design herself – Vera Wang.  If I were a bride-to-be I’d definitely head over to her atelier!

I wanted to create some cupcakes based on Vivian’s gorgeous dresses, so went with a white on white theme.   I kept things simple, clean and modern, with sculpted bows, delicate lace and a sprinkling of pretty flowers.

The cupcakes were lemon flavoured with a delicate limoncello buttercream frosting.  Just enough to add a grown up hint of alcohol but not enough to be overpowering.

These would also be perfect for a bridal shower or wedding event!

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Images via Enjoy! Bespoke Events.

Brush Embroidery Cookies

Mother’s Day is about a month away now.  If you are anything like me, you’ll remember it bright and early and then forget to do anything about it till it’s much too late.  Anyway, I came across these gorgeous brush embroidery cookies which I thought would be perfect for the occasion.

I think they would make very pretty favours for a bridal shower too or perhaps a sophisticated young lady’s birthday.

Images vis SweetAmbs.

Calendar Cookies

Calendar cookies

I came across this idea for Calendar Cookies and I thought they were just fabulous!  They’d be perfect as favours for a wedding, or bridal shower – what a great way to remind people of the special date.  Or if you are feeling particularly brave, perhaps as favours for a baby shower.  You never know, the baby might surprise everyone and pop out right on time!

Image via Haniela’s.

Cameo Cookies

As you know I love customising things.  And what can be more personalised than these cameo cookies?  I love that they would be essentially unique to you (or whomever you ordered them for) as it’d be your face on it!  Wouldn’t these be perfect as birthday party or wedding favours?

OR as a very cool item for a baby shower, we could do the cameo using an ultrasound image of the baby’s face.  I was always staring at the ultrasound pics when I was pregnant, trying to make out from that fuzzy image what my baby might look like.  This would be a perfect way to “show” your unborn baby to your guests!  We could also make the cameo as a centrepiece cake for the event.


Images via Bee in our Bonnet, Katie’s Something Sweet, Delicious Magazine.

Tea Bag Cookies

I’m loving these tea bag cookies, such a clever idea and tasty too with the chocolate dipped base.  I’m particularly taken by their slightly browned edges, the sepia tones add a certain vintage quality to them!  Wouldn’t they be perfect for an afternoon tea party or perhaps a tea-party themed bridal or baby shower?  Just gorgeous.

I would perhaps make the cookies with an infusion of Earl Grey or Matcha (Japanese green tea powder) to add a bit of extra tea flavour.  And the tags or the cookies can be customised with a name if they were to act as favours for an event.


Image via Le Petrin.