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Dotty Cake


Sometimes you need cake that’s not too girly.  This weekend I made one that features a bold graphic pattern, simple but striking.  With just a small embellishment to customise it for the birthday boy.

Cake flavours were quite grown up too – a rich coffee cake studded with walnuts and interspersed with layers of fluffy buttercream.

This cake would also look really spectacular with multiple tiers and with different coloured dots.


Dotty Cake Dotty cake Dotty cake


Images via Enjoy! Bespoke Events.


Jubilee Cakes

I’ve just landed in London and happened to catch the last day of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (60 years on the throne) celebrations.  There’s plenty of bunting and flag waving so I thought I’d do round up of Diamond Jubilee Cakes.  The cakes shown here are all so very different in style!


Images via Tesc0, Park View 4 U, BBC News, Crumbs and Doilies Cupcakes.

Gluten Free Treats

A friend asked me yesterday if I would consider making gluten free cakes.  Now to be honest I’ve never made any gluten free treats before, but would certainly be happy to experiment.

I remember a blog that I’ve been following for a while now that I wanted to share with you.  Canelle et Vanille has some of the most gorgeous food styling and photographs around.  The writer, an avid baker, found out that she was sensitive to gluten and started experimenting recently with gluten free recipes.  Check out her recipe index for some great recipes.  The picture above is for a gluten-free brown butter, apple and carrot muffin – doesn’t it look delicious?

Image via Canelle et Vanille.

Charlie and Lola Cake

Today I wanted to feature a super-fun cake by my friend and talented baker Maria of Sugarbee.  It’s a cake that she made recently for a Charlie and Lola themed birthday party for a little boy.  I think she’s really captured Charlie and Lola and I especially love the 2D nature of the cake decorations, very true to the cartoon!

Check out more of her creations on her website.

Boy or Girl?

Pregnant? Are you going to find out if you are having a boy or a girl?  Have you heard of the gender reveal parties that are all the rage at the moment?  No?

A gender reveal party is an event where you tell your friends and family if you are expecting a little boy or a little girl.  The cake is the centre of attention and holds the secret!  Frosted in a pristine white, it hides either a pink or a blue interior.  That way when it’s sliced into, it’ll reveal the gender of the baby.

Want to be truly surprised?  You don’t even have to find out the gender of the baby first.  Get your obstetrician or ultrasound technician to write it on a slip of paper and place it in a sealed envelope.  Then hand that envelope to your baker!

This could easily be combined with a baby shower.  What a great way to celebrate the impending arrival of the baby and to tell your friends and family the gender in the truly unique way.  Just make sure your obstetrician is super certain of the result and no one minds if it turns out to be a boy or a girl!


Image via Call Me Cupcake.

Smash Cake

What’s a smash cake?

Well, your little baby is turning one and you’ve spent the last year carefully nurturing them with organic food, no sugar, no chocolate, only the very best for your little prince or princess.  Their first birthday is coming up and perhaps it’s the first time they’ll taste cake!

A smash cake is a little replica birthday cake made especially for the guest of honour.  And the best part?  They get to dig into it by themsleves, no forks or spoons, just both hands and plenty of smiles.

Yes sure it’s super messy and yes, they’ll probably be on a sugar high afterwards.  But it’s their first birthday and honestly, could this little girl be any happier?

Plus it makes for some great photos for the all-important First Birthday.  Photos here are by the incredibly talented Click Studio.  If only they were based in Hong Kong!

Images via Click Studio.

Red Ombre Heart Cake

So I made this cake a little while ago but didn’t have time to blog about it as yet.  Inspired by the current trend for all things ombre (graduated colour), I decided to create a clean, modern cake with a sweet surprise.

The exterior of the cake is pure alabaster white with a striking scarlet heart on the front.  So far so normal, but once you cut into the cake, a lovely surprise energes.  Just take a look at those glorious layers:

I especially love the red and white colour combo and the graduation from pale pink to deep crimson.  The colour contrast is so striking and effective.

We can of course do this cake in a variety of different colours, say green or blue or even as a rainbow!

This cake would be perfect for Valentine’s Day or perhaps an engagement party. Or maybe just to say “I love you”!

For more of our cake creations, check out Enjoy! Bespoke Cakes.