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Dragon Cake

Are you lucky enough to be having a baby this year?  Dragon babies, born in the year of the dragon are considered to be super auspicious!  Last weekend, I created this dragon cake for a very special baby to be born later this year.

A week ago, I was contacted about making a cake for a baby shower.  The cake was to incorporate the baby’s chinese astrology sign, the dragon.  I wanted to use a dragon image with a uniquely chinese flavour, so I came up with the idea of basing it on the gorgeous chinese paper cutting technique.  Chinese paper cutting is an ancient art form where intricate decorative designs are cut into thin (often red) paper.  And some of the most striking chinese dragons designs I have seen are paper cuts.

And so I was handcutting fondant this weekend! As you can imagine, it was a pretty delicate and time-consuming process, but I just love the result.  I think it looks very similar to a traditional paper cut, don’t you?

But that’s not all!  We also incorporated the chinese astrology signs of the mum, dad and older sister as a decorative border around the cake. That way the whole family can be represented!  I kept the colours quite contemporary with a red, purple and orange combination.

I love that this cake incorporates all the family members in a culturally meaningful way using a design that is clean, modern and bold.  It’s very much my style of cake.

This cake would be perfect for a baby shower to celebrate your dragon baby, or perhaps as a birthday cake!  We can also do it in other chinese astrology signs, just contact us to let us know what you would like!  The cake can either be done quite simply with just one sign or the top, or it can include other astrology signs on a border around the side.

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Images via Enjoy! Bespoke Cakes.


Mood Board: Feel the Love Engagement Party

Mood boards are a great way to convey the different elements of a party, and Pinterest is a super-easy way to pull one together.  If you haven’t jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon as yet (warning: it’s totally addictive), check out our Pinterest website here.

We created this mood board above as suggestions for a heartfelt engagement party.  What better way to celebrate the love of a couple about to embark on a new and exciting stage in their lives together!  The theme is very much based on lots of hearts, with co-ordinating red and white accompaniments.

To go into more depth with more ideas, check out our Feel the Love Engagement Party board.

Our Red Ombre Heart Cake would be perfect too for a celebration like this!  For more of our cake creations, check out Enjoy! Bespoke Cakes.


Images (clockwise from top left) via Minted, Flower Delivery, The Knot, Etsy and Enjoy! Bespoke Cakes.

Musical Cupcakes

Another set of cakes I made this weekend were these musical cupcakes.  Created for a musical salon in a private home, the cupcakes feature music notations: notes, treble and bass clefs, sharps and flats.  They were the perfect accompaniment to a wonderful evening of piano playing in true chamber music style.

The cakes themselves were a moist and fluffy vanilla butter cake, topped with a vanilla cream-cheese frosting.  Simple but tasty!

These cupcakes would be prefect for a musical party or evening.  Or perhaps you know someone who has just passed their piano or instrumental music exams?  Wouldn’t it be nice to give them a little treat for all the hard work they’ve put in?

Incidentally if you are in Hong Kong, there is a wonderful organisation, Premiere Performances (PPHK), that brings simply world class chamber music concerts and solo recitals to the city.  PPHK has really transformed the classical music scene here in Hong Kong in just five short years, making very high quality chamber music easily available and accessible.  PPHK currently runs a recital series (going on now) as well as a chamber music festival (mark your calendars for January 2013).  Check out PPHK’s website for more details and booking information.  I highly recommend their concerts!

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Images via Enjoy! Bespoke Cakes.

Yellow Rose Cake

I had a busy weekend, baking and icing and decorating!  One of the items out of the ovens this weekend was a pretty birthday cake.  Doesn’t it look cheerful and happy?  The birthday girl had seen the white rose cake from our website and her sweet fiancée made a mental note to get it for her, with some personalising tweaks.  And as you know, creating bespoke items is our favourite thing to do!

Instead of the pure white rose cake, he asked for a “baby chick” yellow and we were very happy to oblige.  And he also has some great ideas for the interior of the cake. Wanting to add a “crunchy” texture to the cake, he requested a layered praline filling.  I loved the idea and was intrigued by the concept, so spent some time doing some test fillings (okay and some test eatings too).  In addition we knew the birthday girl didn’t like frostings that were too fluffy or airy, so I presented him with some options and he chose a rich creamy frosting instead.

The resulting cake was a four layer chocolaty devils’ food cake filled with a dark chocolate granache.  The chocolate granache contained shards of home-made pecan praline which added a lovely nutty caramel flavour and plenty of crunch.  And this was all topped off with a soft yellow cream-cheese frosting.  The whole creation was decadent and sinfully rich.

The pale yellow cake looks so pretty that I totally want to do a deep red one now!  Wouldn’t that be romantic?  A cake covered with crimson roses.

And now this praline filling is my new favourite tweak – I’m putting it in everything!  Just made another cake today, a light vanilla cake filled with super light and fluffy meringue buttercream and studded with praline shards.

For more of our cakes, do check out Enjoy! Bespoke Cakes.

Images via Enjoy! Bespoke Cakes.

Easter Cupcakes

With Easter just round the corner, what are those Easter Bunnies going to be eating?  Easter Carrot Cupcakes of course!  Here are some I made a little while ago for another event, but I thought they would suit an Easter theme perfectly.

These sugar cookie “carrots” are growing in a chocolaty cupcake base.  I love the look of a whole cupcake field of them growing together.  Makes me want to do a whole range of garden style cupcakes!

These cupcakes would be perfect for Easter, a garden party or perhaps as a birthday treat for someone born in the Year of the Rabbit!

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Images via Enjoy! Bespoke Cakes.


Easter Cookie Decorating Kit

Easter is almost here!  And to celebrate we’ve created an Easter Cookie Decorating Kit.

It’s a super fun activity to do with the kids for Easter and a little different (and less messy) than egg decorating.  Even the very little ones can do it too – as long as they can hold a pen and scribble.  This is the perfect activity to add to your Easter party or playdate.

The blank cookie canvasses:

What will you draw?

Happy Easter Everyone!

Wedding Cake

A friend asked me to create a wedding cake and here’s the result.  This cake is definitely from the Less-Is-More school of thought.  Two pristine white stacked tiers covered with satiny vanilla fondant.  This is then edged with a sheer white ribbon with a slight metallic sheen which adds just a hint of sophisticated sparkle.  And last of all small white icing pearls are piped around the circumference of the cake to add a sweet but contemporary feel.

This is very much my style of cake.  Modern, clean and understated.

It would also be perfect with a bright contrasting ribbon and matching dots.  Or pale pastel colours for a softer look.  The possibilities are endless!

Suitable for a wedding, this would also be great for a sophisticated bridal or baby shower.

For more of our creations, check out Enjoy! Bespoke Cakes.

Images via Enjoy! Bespoke Cakes.