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Butterfly Cake

Last weekend we created a cake for a special Sweet Sixteen birthday. Such a milestone birthday definitely deserves a spectacular cake to mark the occasion. The birthday girl picked one of our favourites cakes ever – our Rainbow Butterfly Cake!  I truly loved making this cake, it’s just such a pretty and happy cake and never fails to bring a smile to my face.

The cake is a riot of colour with hues from the whole rainbow spectrum!  The butterflies are just so pretty with their delicate wings caught in mid-flutter as they rest on the cake.  The whole cake is edible as the butterflies are made of vanilla flavoured rice-paper.

One bonus of having a two-tier cake is not only does it provide extra drama and height (and of course more yummy cake!), you can pick multiple flavours too!  This particular cake had  a bottom tier of red velvet cake with tangy lemon buttercream and a top tier of vanilla cake with with strawberry buttercream.

Here are a couple more pics of the cake.  Enjoy!

Images via Enjoy! Bespoke Events.



Happy Halloween everybody!  This halloween we made little ghostly cake pops embellished with super cute tags from Megan at The Pitter Patter Press.  The cake pops were just Old Fashioned Vanilla flavour with Vanilla Buttercream, but they were covered with gorgeously creamy white Lindt chocolate.  Super yummy!

We made a whole army of ghosts!  They are scarily delicious.

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Images via Enjoy! Bespoke Events.

Musical Cupcakes

Another set of cakes I made this weekend were these musical cupcakes.  Created for a musical salon in a private home, the cupcakes feature music notations: notes, treble and bass clefs, sharps and flats.  They were the perfect accompaniment to a wonderful evening of piano playing in true chamber music style.

The cakes themselves were a moist and fluffy vanilla butter cake, topped with a vanilla cream-cheese frosting.  Simple but tasty!

These cupcakes would be prefect for a musical party or evening.  Or perhaps you know someone who has just passed their piano or instrumental music exams?  Wouldn’t it be nice to give them a little treat for all the hard work they’ve put in?

Incidentally if you are in Hong Kong, there is a wonderful organisation, Premiere Performances (PPHK), that brings simply world class chamber music concerts and solo recitals to the city.  PPHK has really transformed the classical music scene here in Hong Kong in just five short years, making very high quality chamber music easily available and accessible.  PPHK currently runs a recital series (going on now) as well as a chamber music festival (mark your calendars for January 2013).  Check out PPHK’s website for more details and booking information.  I highly recommend their concerts!

For more of our cake creations, check out Enjoy! Bespoke Cakes.


Images via Enjoy! Bespoke Cakes.

Mother’s Day Cupcakes

It’s Mother’s Day today!  Or at least it is if you are in the UK.  I’m always confused in Hong Kong as to which day to celebrate it on, the US or the UK date?

Anyway, in honour of (UK) Mother’s Day, I made these pretty pastel pink Carnation Cupcakes.  They were for a friend’s mother who kindly cooked us all a huge feast for lunch today.

The cupcakes are made of vanilla sponge, but filled with freshly-made strawberry compote.  Yummy.  They were then iced with a silky smooth swiss meringue buttercream to create a frilled carnation on top.  Aren’t they pretty?

These cupcakes would also be perfect for a baby shower or a special afternoon tea party.

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Spring Flower Cupcakes

It feels like spring is almost here.  Perhaps we can encourage it along with some pretty floral cupcakes.  I made these a couple of weeks ago when the sun was peaking out in an attempt to chase the grey weather away.

I love the simplicity of these flowers with their blowsy petals and creamy white hue.  These ones are growing in a rich chocolate cupcake with vanilla cream-cheese icing.  Sometimes you just crave simple, uncomplicated flavours done just right.

These pretty cupcakes would be perfect for a bridal shower, little girl’s party or perhaps Mother’s Day!

For more photos of these and other cupcakes, take a look here.

Image via Enjoy! Bespoke Cakes.